About Video Games

Video games are the new age entertainment which came into existence in the early seventies and have been growing in popularity ever since. The video games are a marvel of the electronic age. The video games involve interaction between the user and the visual interface of the electronic device generating visual feedback on the screen.

Video games have become one of the most important parts of the lifestyle for youth. These video games are the leading sources of entertainment for today's generation. There are various types of gaming platforms and consoles available in the market and the current devices are also undergoing constant evolution. Today's video games have undergone a lot of changes since the first video game was created and it allows the players to live out their fantasies on their console screens.

Video games are one of the most favored choices of entertainment among children as well as grownups. The advancement in technology has led to development of various types of games as well as gaming devices and accessories which offers realistic gaming experience to the gaming enthusiasts. Online gaming is a rage among the gamers, the easy access to internet allows gamers to team up or play individually against others in different parts of the world. The next generation gaming devices featuring 3D technology along with wireless and motion detection controllers are already making an entry to the market which is sure to take the gaming experience to a completely different level.

History: Like everything else, Video games also have a history. The early missile defense systems based on cathode ray tubes were adapted to create simple games, and since then the games have gradually become more complex and sophisticated. In the late sixties video games started to come in various platforms viz. arcade, mainframe games, console video games , PCs and even hand held games. In 1971, the first commercial video game by the name 'Computer Space' led to the establishment of an entirely new segment in the entertainment market. Since then, the video games industry has seen lots of ups and downs.

Arcade games were a huge hit in the beginning and the trend continued till the 1990s and then it faded into history with the advent of 16 bit and 32 bit gaming consoles. Video games have switched over to 3D graphics from 2D graphics in the nineties and also given rise to several genres of games. The faster processors, affordable computers, 3D graphics etc. brought about a huge change in the gaming scenario.


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