Choosing a video game platform

While choosing a new video game platform, budget is a major factor which needs to be considered. Consoles and PCs are the most widely used gaming platforms all over the world. If one is looking for just a gaming platform, then consoles are the best bet as they are more economical compared to the computers and offer a great gameplay experience as well. But if one already owns a PC, then making necessary upgrades should be more than enough.

The lifespan of consoles is very short compared the PCs. As the consoles undergo improvement, newer versions hit the market and the old ones become obsolete. The games that were designed to run on the older consoles may not work in the new ones at all. When it comes to PCs, necessary upgrades will allow new advanced games to run in it and at the same time it will support the old ones as well.

The console games are specific to different brands. The games that run on Sony PlayStation won't be compatible with Xbox.

The type of games one intends to play will also matter. Consoles are ideal for playing sports games, but when it comes to real time strategy, simulation and first person shooter games, most gamers prefer PCs as the keyboard-mouse combo seems to go well with it.

Online gaming is better played and more economical on PCs than on consoles as it requires registration and extra charges in addition to that of the ISP.



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