Tips for buying video games

The Video game market is essentially an entertainment industry which is fast growing and the presence of numerous companies and stiff competition between the developers has ensured that the market is flooded by a number of new titles of various genres on a regular basis. Just because a game title sounds attractive, or the cover art looks good or just because it is from a leading developer does n...


Different genres

Action: This is one of the well known and the most played gaming genres of all times. These games require the gamer to possess quick reflexes, timing and accuracy in order to overcome the obstacles. They have various subgenres like maze games, platform games, fighting and shooting games. The fighting games involve close quarters combat, and the shooting games are further classified into first pe...


Choosing a video game platform

While choosing a new video game platform, budget is a major factor which needs to be considered. Consoles and PCs are the most widely used gaming platforms all over the world. If one is looking for just a gaming platform, then consoles are the best bet as they are more economical compared to the computers and offer a great gameplay experience as well. But if one already owns a PC, then making ne...


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