Which are some of the popular video games?

The preferences of games vary from people to people, depending upon their tastes. Few may like action games, some adventure or role playing games. Hence, the popular games with respect to every individual's taste vary. However when the whole gaming population is considered and the preferences of the majority is considered, then we can judge the popular video game genres.

The First Person Shooter games are the most favored games in the industry. In a first Person Shooter game; the gamer will be playing the protagonist and gives an impression that the gamer is a part of the action in reality. After first person shooter games, role playing games figure second in the list in terms of popularity. In these types of games, the gamer plays one of the characters and has to make decision regarding the actions they can take during the course of the gameplay and collect certain items to move to further levels.

Racing games and Simulation games are also popular genres of video games. Racing games, as the name suggests allow the gamer to take part in races involving different vehicles and is favored by many adrenaline junkies. Simulation games offer the feel and experience of operating a real vehicle, maybe an aircraft, helicopter, a battle tank or a submarine. Flight Simulator games are also very popular simulation games.

Some of the most popular games are often fantasy and virtual reality games that need thousands of dollars behind them during the development process. Once these games become popular, however, the developer can literally earn millions from distributing and selling them.



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