Different genres

Action: This is one of the well known and the most played gaming genres of all times. These games require the gamer to possess quick reflexes, timing and accuracy in order to overcome the obstacles. They have various subgenres like maze games, platform games, fighting and shooting games. The fighting games involve close quarters combat, and the shooting games are further classified into first person, third person shooter games depending upon the camera angle in the game. Games like Call of Duty and Halo are examples of this genre.

Adventure: Few of the first games created belonged to this genre. They don't require much reflexes and timing from the gamer's part. They generally involve solving puzzles and interaction between the environment and people. These games are widely accepted even by those who are not avid gamers. Few adventure games like Nightfall and Fahrenheit have become hugely popular.

Action-Adventure: This is a hybrid of both the genres and it involves using the action component to gain clues and solve puzzles. It includes subgenres like survival games and stealth games.

Role Playing Games: In this genre, the player can choose a character possessing specific skill sets and play that character in the course of the game. These characters gather experience points as they progress further and improve their skills. Dungeons and Dragons, Diablo, Elder Scrolls etc. are few examples.

Apart from these, there are strategy and simulation game genres along with various other genres.



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