Can a person earn his or her living by playing games?

This is one of the most asked questions. It does sound exciting. Who would not love to get paid for playing their favorite video games? Some may feel that it is the stupidest question one may ask, but in fact the answer for that question is- yes. Testing Video games is one of the most important phases of development of video games and this task is taken up by video gamers/testers whose job is to play games and make a note of all the minor as well as major glitches and bugs in the game and prepare a report for the developers. These game testers do get a decent paycheck and at the same time get to play games that have not yet released in the market.

One should have a genuine interest in gaming and a good eye for spotting the errors and glitches no matter how small it is and make a note of it. Apart from earning money by being a game tester, one can take part in professional gaming tournaments which are held frequently all over the world. These tournaments allow teams of gamers to play against each other and they have hefty price money waiting for the winners of the tournaments. Hence, there is a possibility for one to turn his love for gaming into a profession and earn a living out of it. Apart from international level tournaments, one can also participate in the numerous local level tournaments.



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