Video game consoles

The gaming arena has reached a completely new dimension when it comes to the quality of gameplay and it's close to reality feel. There has been a considerable improvement s in the game controllers and other accessories which offers a more realistic experience and making video gaming a most enthralling experience. The latest video game consoles are not just gaming machines, but also acts as a complete home entertainment package along with social networking.

There are several video game consoles available in the market these days, and most of them are better than each other in various aspects. Some of the best video game consoles currently in the market are:

Microsoft Xbox 360: the seventh generation video game console which comes in 3 different variants. It comes with integrated Xbox live services and multimedia capabilities.

Nintendo Wii: The Seventh generation console from Nintendo competing against Xbox 360 and PlayStation. It will soon be succeeded by Wii - U next year.

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim: This is the Sony Corp.'s recent offering of a seventh generation console, slimmer than its predecessor PlayStation 3.

There are other portable video game consoles as well. Among the portable gaming consoles, Sony's PlayStation Portable series and Nintendo's DSi variants are most popular in this segment. Sony's PSP Go is all set for a facelift, a new variant, PSP Vita will be hitting the market shortly. Many other tech companies are coming out with newer consoles; and if you are not a stickler for brand names, you Can probably get a great console for pretty cheap.



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